A fanbase United A fanbase Ignited

So after the fan cam channels had their day in the sun last week it was time for the hardcore United fanbase to have their say. This protest was never going to be about singing Cavani songs in front (or on) the Trinity, burning American flags, self promotion “look at me look at me” and taking selfies with other fan cammers for self publication. This was always going to be different. The time for tweeting hashtags and turning up in a crowd are over. The Glazers don’t care or listen.

This was about the message. The club. The fans. Our rotten owners. The attempted murder of English football by the dirty six trying to take us into the European Super League. Make no mistake our club are right at the core of this and would have been ringleaders for the ESL. Like I said in a previous article we always knew the Glazers were our problem. It turns out the are everyones and English football problem also.

The core of the United fanbase has been ignited. Something that’s been in stasis for close to 11 years against our ownership. This will not be forgotten, its just the start and is now about a relentless consistency in getting these parasites out of our club.

My grandad took me to Old Trafford first when I was six 6 years old. United is in my veins and generations of my family, as it is many others who were in the crowd alongside me today. The Glazers and some aspects of our media just don’t understand the anger, frustration and the power of feeling this stirs.

The crowd today was much bigger than last week. There was a defiant energy and everyone knew they were alongside real reds, who cared passionately. No self promotion or selfies being taken. Chants against the direct ownership. Initially we congregated around the Munich tunnel and the energy was palpable. This was a layered protest aimed at the players hotel at the Lowry, organised protests around the ground and also in the ground to try and get the game postponed.

As my tweet below says this wasn’t perfect but mission accomplished. This is how to protest and nobody was ever in danger despite what some of the press maybe reporting. It was all about delivering the message. Pundits weren’t in danger, players or club staff. Total nonsense.

Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 19.00.31

It is now or never for get these parasites out. Put up or shut up as they say. This is a clear message against the ownership that’s been sent throughout the world. This must just be the start and with government legislation (the recent petition reached over 100K signatures) who knows maybe we can get the owners out.

In the end the Premier League and local authorities really had no choice but the call the game off. COVID rules and bubbles had been breached in the ground. There were still mobilisation and concerns of team coaches getting to Old Trafford. This protest was organised to deliver a key message and deliver this it did. Most United fans and football fans in general Im sure can understand the sentiment behind this.

Has the great Mancunian Tony Wilson once said we do things differently around here. I’ve never been more proud to be a United fan for off the pitch reasons. Enough is enough.

Viva La Revolution