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So let us know what you are about to see at the cinema.

What you planning to watch and how was it? Give it a review and if its work bothering going to see :popcorn:

Went watching this recently with Jack and Ady on our annual Xmas pilgrimage.

There is a lot to process walking out of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, a film engineered to hit on multiple levels while struggling to settle 42 years’ worth of story elements – probably too much for any one film to handle.

For as much love, passion, and nostalgia is evident in this movie, it’s also a film very palpably made from a place driven by fear of disappointing the audience, and that anxiety fuels a lot of the story’s curious creative choices and unwieldy execution. The film’s heartstring-tugging moments, technical impressiveness, and relentless action will likely be enough for those who just want to keep the visor down on their blast shield helmets and let the Force flow through them.

But for those who need some consistency and logic to the story in this elaborately detailed fictional galaxy, there will likely be the bittersweet pang of accepting that this long-running saga couldn’t quite stick the landing. But even at its most divisive and imperfect, the Star Wars franchise has offered much to embrace and celebrate. This finale to the Skywalker Saga is, if nothing else, a tribute to that legacy.

Personally I thought it was the best of the recent trilogy and kept me engrossed throughout. Despite Adys crunching and passing of all the chocolate he’d smuggled in.

Verdict: 7/10