Enough is Enough Viva La Revolution

Well what a tumultuous 48 hours its been since the announcement of the abhorent European Super League on Sunday evening under the covers of darkness. A pre mediated joint announcement by a group of greedy, opportunistic, out of touch owners trying to form a cartel and take control of our national game. They have deceived their peers for some time. A full 170 page document was produced to backup this proposal, along with deals with DAZN amongst other things. This has not happened overnight and will have been in planning for quite some time. They have tried to destroy my club (your club) and the entire integrity of the game. United fans have always known Glazers are parasites and our problem, we warned the footballing world in 2005 about this and got mocked. It turns out, they weren’t just our problem but everyone elses. This must be the start of a movement to get rid and bring in much needed reform. Its great to see the political support behind this and noises being made by MUST.

How dare these owners disrespect generations of fans through families, our history and heritage. Attempting a coup d’état on our national game in the name of greed and money. We now need to build on this momentum and mobilise to ensure the Glazers are next. They’ve crossed the line and we wont forget this until they are out. Enough is enough.

The hallmarks of this stinks of the Glazers, it’s their modus operandi and I have no doubt these parasites were the ringleaders and founding members of this idea. Who knows it could have been their masterplan since 2005? I don’t follow the official united twitter account for some time but the PR communications have been nothing short of a disaster and total disgrace.

  • They sneaked out a hidden message on the website announcing this on Sunday evening along with an investor report. Nothing on social media to the fans that we could respond to. Wonder why?
  • Then, even worse they released the below comment once it was pretty obvious this disgusting idea was going to fail.

I’ll be at the protest on Saturday and I suspect many match going fans will now get right behind this.
One thing we have in this country is a sense of what’s right and justice. This won’t be forgotten by the Old Trafford faithful and I fully expect a vociferous response from all of us when we are allowed back. Another thing, don’t think for one minute the fact we aren’t in grounds currently the Glazers aren’t aware of this and used the opportunity and the pandemic to try and find the right moment. Absolute scavengers of the worse kind. They can never be trusted, we knew this but now they have showed their true colours and are also national hate figures.

This is a victory for the legacy fan (again how dare they) and for football. I’ve never seen fans from rival clubs, rival media outlets, rival broadcasters, pundits, players and managers unite like this. They have stirred up anger and emotion in the fan base they could never have imagined nor understand.

Absolute scum. Hopefully see people outside the Trinity on Saturday